About Creative Expressions Florist

In 1984, I interviewed for a designer position at a local florist, and the shop owner told me I did not have what it took to be a florist so she recommended I attend college to pursue another field. I took her advice and received a degree in Computer Programming and Management. 

After graduating from College, I went to work for a call center working collections which I excelled in. Still, in the back of my mind, the creativity in me compelled me to attend a floral school. 

Floral School afforded me the opportunity to work with professionals who were amazed that I was not already working in a florist shop. I learned everything about the flower business:

  • Managing a florist shop,

  • Designing,

  • Deliveries,

  • Customer service,

  • And all duties associated with a florist shop.

I was graded on everything that I did including timed floral designing and yes, I “hung in” with the professionals. After graduating yet again, I rented my first building and sold hand thrown pottery on the street corner, ceramics my mother made, and my oil paintings. 

My reputation in Eden was growing as a creative designer of anything the mind wanted to express in outward form be it art, ceramics, bows, or silk flower arrangements. This allowed me to purchase my first cooler and start working with fresh flowers.

I built my business from the ground up and feel if you want anything in life, you must not only work hard for it but have fun doing it. I am grateful for my business and my customers who have supported me for the past 18 years. 

All of my work is original — NO cookie cutter work! I am grateful for my God-given talent and my family that supported me in this long journey that has been a Creative Expression of myself.